Re: New approach for GNU/Linux TC receivers using DVB-S2 PCIe cards

Markus Kempf

Dear Ernst,

congrats for this achievement, one patch step less to do. But please, the biggest nuisance with the TBS drivers is the simple fact that they are not upstream kernel drivers. So with every kernel update of my Debian system (backport kernels) I have to recompile/link the driver. So please TBS, Ernst, CrazyCat get them upstream (solve the likely quality issues raised by the kernel developers).


Am 15.03.2021 um 11:44 schrieb Ernst Lobsiger via

Dear GNU/Linux users

in the wake of ongoing improvement of the GNU/Linux setup of TC receivers there is a new milestone.
This weekend MODCOD setting with the latest TBS szap-s2 has been integrated in the drivers for
professional stv0900 and stv0910 based cards and USB-boxes. This means that it should now be
possible to set MODCODs with a HEX bitmap the same way as this is done in the SR1 setup. The
only setting that makes sense for PCIe cards is W00001000 to prevent HVS-1 side effects on Basic
service. Note that HVS-1 alone with W00040000 cannot run due to PCIe bridge DMA buffer lattency.

Experienced users with TBS-6925, TBS-6983, TBS-6903/08 cards or TBS-5925, TBS-5927 USB
boxes can now experiment the same way as users with TBS-6903X and TBS-6909X PCIe cards.

Many thanks go to TBS, CrazyCat and Christian Peters that made this long awaited step possible.
CrazyCat did the programming (see below) Christian and I provided ssh accessible test receivers.

Best regards,

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