Re: HVS-2 problems

Ernst Lobsiger


Here is one more hint: TD-15 on page 11 says HVS-2 has a maximum 85 Mbps info bit rate and 77 Mbps IP data rate.
On satsignal Arne van Belle reaches the maximum Rx I/O of 85 Mbps while all others are only slightly below this limit.

My yellow graph is MultiCast traffic in Bytes/s. So this might eventually not be what EUMETSAT calls IP data rate.
IP data rate 77 Mbps could be what we would see in the clients WEB interface if we subscribe for just everything.

In any case if I multiply 10.4 by 8 I get far beyond these 77 Mbps. The yellow graph also shows signs of saturation
at 10.4 (flat top). Did EUMETSAT just overload the system? Any other ideas regarding these maximum bitrates?


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