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Hello Ferdinand,

Thanks for your image and information.
Something to look out for in the future now that A-68A has met its end.
And cloud cover has been annoyingly increasing in the South Atlantic these last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately it's several moths of darkness ahead for Antarctica so VIS imaging not possible. 

This was posted by ESA the other day:

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With thanks to John Tellick for the early warning, attached is a radar image
of today after the calving of the Brunt-North shelf yesterday.
The composition of the shelf is quite different from what had spun off from
Larsen as A68. Basically this shelf consists of lots of loose icebergs that
came from the Stancomb-Wills glacier that froze-in in the extended sea ice
field, which thickened over time. The ice slab measures up to 150 meters
thick in places. Its disintegration will therefore follow a pattern
different from A68, which was not composite but a solid block of sea ice to
begin with. It is well possible that the North slab will freeze in place now
that local summer is nearing its end.
Interestingly West Brunt, where Halley 6 was located (moved in 2017 to 6a in
the image), still clings on along a stretch of ice of about two kilometers.
Another huge calving in the offing, although the onset of growing sea ice
may cause it to be delayed until the end of 2021.
A larger image is provided at

Ferdinand Valk

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