Re: New approach for GNU/Linux TC receivers using DVB-S2 PCIe cards

Ernst Lobsiger

On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 03:17 AM, Graham Woolf wrote:
Would you recommend me upgradingĀ  my system ? Is it complicated ?
Hi Graham,

it's up to you, whether you want to be a forerunner again. The change is not complicated.
You stop /etc/init.d/tellicast-client and /etc/init.d/dvb-eumetcast. Make a backup of
dvb-eumetcast and /etc/dvb-eumetcast.cfg. Then using mc you copy the content of file
dvb-eumetcast-1.2-0_905.x86_64.tar.gz to the respective places in the file system.

Starting again the new /etc/init.d/dvb-eumetcast should setup the novel dvbond0 interface.
If you want your 3 demodulator setup to begin with edit the new dvb-eumetcast.cfg first.
The configuration files also allow for the HB13 backup satellite and fix the problem
with PID 509 that has not been used for years but still exists in your current setup.

One side effect is that the eLuna user-bytes graphs will only work 50% as dummy0 has
now been replaced by dvbond0. It should be noted, that the new solution is on layer 2
(like bridges and switches) while the classic solution is on layer 3 (like routers).

You can revert again by copying back /etc/init.d/dvb-eumetcast and /etc/dvb-eumetcast.cfg
on a stopped system. I have adapted eLuna for a single MC interface either dummy0 or dvbond0.
This is a Q&D fix that does not touch existing RRDs. The smcroute graph has been replaced
given the fact that EUMETSAT said they will slowly go to 1 PID per TC service in the future.

My receiver Luna running now with the new dvbond0 is here:

If you want to adapt your eLuna monitoring you can wget the respective files from Luna.
Don't forget that these files must belong to your apache2 user (chown www-data:www-data).

Good luck


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