Re: Himawari & GOMS & Goes 16 data

Hallo again,
I just added E1H-RDS-2 to my HVS-1 channel list.
The Tellicast client list shows now frequently E1H-RDS-2 data coming in.
The log list of my Msg data manager v. 3-1-15-13 17 continues showing FY2G data.
The respective image spaces remain blank-black !
David, do you have adapted your software to this switch from FY-2 to FY-3D ?
Is there another edition of your MSG D.M.  able to show data from FY3D ?
What do you suggest to receive here  again the Chinese data ?
I have continuing problems with the Himawari data reception which leaves me depending on the Chinese data !
Seems that increasing volume of data implies heaps of changes - much to my dislike of course.
I am still at the beginner`s level as regards software & the like !
Thanks in advance for your understanding and continued support.

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