Re: Himawari & GOMS & Goes 16 data

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On 22/02/2021 13:36, wrote:
I cannot remember the correct channel name of  Himawari, GOMS & GOES 16. I would like to include these in the bas channel list.
Could you help me, please ?
I run version of the MSG data manager.
I clicked satellite 4 - however have not yet discovered in its log any of these three birds.
Thanks in advance.
Ernst has kindly told you where to find the data.

My software for GOES-16 and GOES-17 image data is available here:

You don't need the MSG Data Manager for this data, but the resulting images can be used with my GeoSatSignal and MSG Animator programs.

As the software is free, I don't offer direct support, but there is a "Support" button on the software which will direct you to the right place.

According to the EUMETSAT Web site, the knowledge base has the channel listing:

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