Re: eumetcast reception

Ernst Lobsiger

On Sat, Feb 20, 2021 at 04:53 AM, fly.fechter@... wrote:
I recently installed the new tc-cast client software. I use the SR1 and windows 10 64bit.
Unfortunately now I receive only the announcement channel data and no data channel data at all.
Client 2.14.6 says "ok connected" though.
Log shows "could not open HTTP server at port 8100 on any interface - address already in use"
Seems that somewhere hidden is an incorrect HTTP address blocking access to data channel data ? I remember vaguely that the correct http address "local host: 2517" ??
must be put via the internet explorer ? I must add that due to an incorrect audio setting prior I was forced to reload my notebook. 
I would be most grateful if some members of your forum could look into my problem and provide me with their expert advice.
Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.
Kind regards,

The port 2517 is deprecated. EUMETSAT port numbers used for the TC clients WEB interfaces are now:

BASIC Service  8100
HVS-1 Service  8200
HVS-2 Service  8201

You can try on the receiver PC http://localhost:8100  or http://localhost:8200
If your receiver PC is on a LAN and you know its IP address you should be able to acces from other PCs with
http://IP-OF-YOUR-RECEIVER:8100 or http://IP-OF-YOUR-RECEIVER:8200      (IP-OF-YOUR-RECEIVER something like


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