Re: Metop C yesterday break in data?


David, Ernst and Ferdinand,

Thanks for your comments.

I had a look on UNS but it didn't seem to report a failure(?).



Europe-wide, John:

They've been a bit quiet about it, but these is reference to an
outstanding problem affecting SAF-type data.

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On 18/02/2021 11:32, geojohnt via wrote:

> Hello All,
> It would appear that I was the only person to experience a long period
> of no data from Metop C 'world coverage' yesterday?
> My last chunk was 2021-02-17 08:41:28.000 created
> 2021-02-17_0810_M03_11838.hpt
> I noticed no data flow later in the day and closed and re-opened my
> Metop Manager at 16:57 but no 'saved data files' to process.
> I left the programme 'running' but no data flow till 2021-02-17
> 23:06:56.000 created 2021-02-17_1958_M03_11845.hpt.
> ???
> Regards,
> John Tellick.

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