Re: Pytroll/Satpy Metop composite

Ferdinand Valk

Thanks Ernst.

As usual sloppy reading from my side. Your commented line in the single pass version clearly indicated:

# Decompress all n bestfiles found.

Should have triggered me...


The adapted version now works with normal bz2 files. I’ll post it for others to change it to own versions for other Metop sats and/or night versions.


Btw, finally snow has arrived here and the heated dish can serve its purpose...









The reader only takes decompressed files. The single pass version decompresses bestfiles[].
For your multipass version you have to decompress goodfiles[]. You must add very few lines:

# Get useful info back from timmax
dt = datetime.fromtimestamp(timmax)
orbmax = orb.get_orbit_number(dt)
telmax = dt.strftime('%H:%M UTC')
tfname = dt.strftime('%H%M')

## ------------------------------- BEGIN STUFF MISSING
# Decompress all goodfiles found
for n in range (0, len(goodfiles)):
    filename = goodfiles[n][offset:-4]
    cmdstr = toodrp + '/EMCtools/exefiles/7za x -so ' + goodfiles[n] + ' > ' + filename
    goodfiles[n] = filename
## ------------------------------- END STUFF MISSING

# The blend function actually stacks the passes one after the other

numpass = 0


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