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Ferdinand Valk

OK, so indeed you were talking about something else than I understood. I can have a look at it tomorrow. Should be quite straightforward.




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ah…sorry…indeed, there is no stacked Metop script, you are right. 

Maybe Ernst will add one if he has time for one Metop sat and we can adapt this for the other two…? 

But we already have NOAA-20 and NPP what is quite nice. :-)





Am 05.02.2021 um 19:31 schrieb Daniele Guardigli <daniele.guardigli@...>:


Yes, I started to work and the starter kit is simply wonderful. I'm using the LEO e and GEO scripts adapted for my coordinates. I was wondering if there's a script (like noaa20 and suomi) for metop (A-B or C) composite of the day (or night). Also something regarding Noaa19.


Thanks for reply Ferdinand


Il giorno ven 5 feb 2021 alle ore 19:27 Ferdinand Valk <fvalk@...> ha scritto:



I understood that you have started up to work with pytroll/satpy based on the HowTo version 3 from Ernst.

In that case you have the basic scripts for Metop and NOAA20 in the LEOscripts folder.

Please check and if in doubt, let us know.





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did anyone of you make a script for Metop composite? And anything for Noaa19 (single pass or composite)?





Daniele Guardigli





Daniele Guardigli


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