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Christian Peters


strange, all sats you called are covered by Ernst starter kit!? See screenshot…



Am 05.02.2021 um 19:31 schrieb Daniele Guardigli <daniele.guardigli@...>:

Yes, I started to work and the starter kit is simply wonderful. I'm using the LEO e and GEO scripts adapted for my coordinates. I was wondering if there's a script (like noaa20 and suomi) for metop (A-B or C) composite of the day (or night). Also something regarding Noaa19.

Thanks for reply Ferdinand

Il giorno ven 5 feb 2021 alle ore 19:27 Ferdinand Valk <fvalk@...> ha scritto:



I understood that you have started up to work with pytroll/satpy based on the HowTo version 3 from Ernst.

In that case you have the basic scripts for Metop and NOAA20 in the LEOscripts folder.

Please check and if in doubt, let us know.





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did anyone of you make a script for Metop composite? And anything for Noaa19 (single pass or composite)?





Daniele Guardigli

Daniele Guardigli

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