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Hello All,
Not sure if I read it here or from UK firms importing from the EU.
After Brexit 'finally happened,' the UK and EU have a zero tariff, zero quota trade agreement.However I've read that 'people' who have ordered goods/equipment from an EU supplier have been stunned at a demand for considerable UK import customs duty when the goods are delivered.Many it seems have just refused to accept the goods and sent them back with the courier.These now appear to be piling up at Dover as the EU supplier will not accept them back.
I know quite a few of us use EU, mostly German(?) websites for electronic gear.So is this the case - we now have to pay import duty?
I have just seen that my previous EU member State 'unlimited' amount of alcohol purchased in an EU supermarket no longer applies and that I'm severely limited as to what I can now bring back duty free.It seems the old days of strict duty free allowances now apply to the EU (as well as world) travel.
Is this progress?Certainly not for my wine consumption!
Regards,John Tellick.

The 'deal' for commercial goods is if <£135 (€150) then VAT is charged by the seller and then paid by them to HMRC. No further charges are made by Royal Mail or couriers. Sellers must provide evidence of VAT registration/number and value etc. on the package so the HMRC/Customs know it is legit.

However if >£135 (€150) then import duty, VAT & handling charges are raised by Royal Mail / couriers in the UK. n.b. duty 'may' be 0% for some items.

I understand that the purchaser is liable for ensuring it is done correctly at the far end ... ???

Not a brexit issue - this will be the case in the whole of EU on 01/07/2021, been in the pipeline for a while now, but 'blamed on bexit'.

I understand that person to person gifts (non commercial) are free of all charges if <£35 - with the appropriate forms/stickers.



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