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....I can receive in excellent quality. When TV4PC is loaded
and running, Setup4PC shows a signal quality of 70%, SNR of 10.8
and a
zero BER, but as soon as I stop viewing a TV station, the signal
strength reduces to 0 and unlocked.

Is this correct?

On Setup4PC I also looked at Statistics and do not have any Active
PID's, unlike the screen shot on David Taylor's site. I do not have
Tellique software installed yet, do I need this before seeing any
PID's in Statistics?
Yes this is correct. If you only installed the TV viewer and not the
Tellique CDROM, the wrong data service is set (Sat@once/EOL or T-DSL
all require ASTRA, not HOTBIRD).
So when you stop the viewer the tuner is set to a
frequency/transponder that might be vacant on Hotbird.

Just follow Dave Cawley's advice and read EUM TD15 carefully. Here
you will find how to set the EUMETCAST Data service manually.
But without Tellique you will only get the status screen and
Transponder info "Deutsche TeleKom AG:"
Or wait until you have Tellique installed, this wil set the data
service automatically (and remove the ability to watch TV channels).

I am about to send the forms to Eumetsat, I have the MSG Image Data
Services Registration Form and the ATVOS Retransmission Service User
Registration Form.

The MSG form refers to HRIT and LRIT Direct Reception. What are the
correct service options for the MSG-1 retransmission?
For more info on registration and filling out the forms I suggest you
browse through the RIG-L messages online. You can use search on all
messages when online.

Arne van belle

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