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On 27 Aug 2003 at 11:17, Douglas Deans wrote:
Meteosat 7 is not going to be moved. It will remain at 0� until at least
the end of 2005. MSG-1 will be moved to approx 3-4�W, subject to final
Eumetsat Council approval. This is possible because there will be no
direct dissemination from MSG-1. and hence no co-interference.
At that new position images corrected to 0� (as they are now) will show
interpolation than at present. Seems a good compromise.

Hmmm, I guess, Luca read the same information that I did yesterday: See
the bottom (as of Aug.27,2003) of this page:



Unfortunately a lot of the info. in the RIG web pages is not kept up to date
and of course the MSG-1 situation has been very fluid. Indeed my
understanding from Eumetsat was that the Council meeting to which I referred
was to be held in June....still no confirmation. Probably no urgency for
the move until nearer the time that MSG-1 becomes the operational satellite
ie January 2004.
What I did not make clear in my last mail was that basically Meteosat 7 with
old PDUS/Wefax and Meteosat 8 (HRIT/LRIT) will overlap for at least 2 years
(maybe more) to allow everyone time to prepare for changeover.


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