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On 26/01/2021 19:40, Vincenzo Mone wrote:
I RTFM at the section you said: 4.5.2 but I could not find the answer to my questions.
What I want to know it is possible receive both BAS and HVS-1 or HVS-2 or TER-1in the same time and on the
Same Dish. If not wrong I need a dual output LN. One output to RF1 and the other to RF2.
Is it correct?
I have tried to swap the actual cable, that I use on RF1 for Bas Services on RF2 but the LED does
Not switch to green. Maybe I need to set the RF2 port.
Is it correct?
Please can you confirm my questions to clear my mind?
Yes, one dish handles both BAS, HVS-1 and HVS-2.

Either: dual output and two receivers

Or: single output and a dual receiver such as the TBS6903.

Ayecka SR1 receivers only take either BAS/HVS-1 or HVS-2. I've not used an SR1 for both BAS and HVS-1 so that information needs to be checked. Only RF1 is activated for EUMETCast.

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