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Christian Peters

@Ferdinand Yes, all done on the RPI 4. It’s amazing. And we should take in mind that the Pytroll/Satpy package is made for scientific computing and not optimized for low power machines like a Raspberry Pi 4.  

@Rob Yes, Tellicast doesn’t provide an ARM client. 
Interesting to get the data via internet. Btu O think get it vi satellite is more sportive.
I run two Linux receivers and did a quick connect of the Pi to one of the receivers via cifs (samba). Works nice. Files are read direct from the receiver disk. I compiled the Wavelet decompression software on the ARM, runs flawless - the scripts from Ernst use this compiled version. 
You could speed up the processing if you do the Wavelet decompression on the receiver, even uncompressing the .bz2?!

I would choose the 8GB version if some think about buying a new PI4 … or search for a 64bit secondhand computer to dive into Pytroll.



Am 23.01.2021 um 16:12 schrieb R. Alblas <sat@...>:

I have currently a PI4 8M in use constantly getting native data from Eumetsat internet (Python script), and creating/updating a multi-channel composite movie (using xrit2pic in commandline). Works very fine. I'll try satpy too.
Christian, how do you get the data? Tellicast doesn't work on ARM processors,as far as I know, so you need to use a "normal" PC for receiving, I assume? And you need ARM compiled Wavelet decompression software too, for MSG.

For Python scripts (based on Eumetsat examples) see:


On 23-01-2021 15:56, Ferdinand Valk wrote:
And all on a Raspberry Pi? Absolutely brilliant Christian. Thanks for sharing.
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Hi PyTROLL/SatPy Starter Kit users,
just for info: I installed the PyTROLL/SatPy Starter Kit V3.0 today successfully on a Raspberry Pi 4, 4GB RAM on MicroSD card. 
I had to solve some minor problems, but I’m amazed what is possible, even with the 4GB version. MSG4, Him8 and GOES16 full disk works, even MSG4 eurol area. I even could do a stacked NOAA-20 picture, all in around 3-5min per image.
S3A/B is not possible at the moment with 4GB ram. Maybe you have to install the system on an USB HD and activate swap to solve this issue or you switch to the 8GB RAM version. 

You really get a tiny little satellite image processor in combination with the PyTROLL/SatPy Starter Kit V3.0. 

I hope some native English speaker give the PyTROLL/SatPy Starter Kit V3.0 a try and we maybe will read something in next GEO Quaterly…? 
See attached pics://snip

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