Re: GOES 16 R Decoding Software

Ernst Lobsiger

On Mon, Jan 18, 2021 at 06:05 AM, Ernst Lobsiger wrote:
wanted to answer Hugo I have 1.7 Grid dish with the Nooelec GOES sawbird LNA and right now I borrow a friends RSDPlay RSP dx but i may purchase my own RSP 1A.

having a closer look at the HW you listed above and considering the fact that you keep talking about "decoding and display"  and also the subject says what it says, I'm afraid this is one big misunderstanding.
All the software presented here does not decode but only construct and display images from error free received files. Our receivers use DVB-S2 HW that must be VCM capable for EUMETCast. The reception
and decoding software is a COTS TelliCast Client from Newtec. If you rather want to do something like

then this is the wrong group. I have not studied the referenced article so I'm not sure about the PC HW you need. But chances are that you have to send back the second RASPI as well. Prove me wrong.


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