Re: GOES 16 R Decoding Software

Christian Peters


I fear there is no easy solution.

You could try Robs xrit2pic maybe!?
but I didn’t test this on PI 3 B+.
Anyway I'm not sure you will be happy to render GOES16/17 with just 1GB ram. 
You could try to install Ernst packet just released here today on the PI, but this is not tested yet and you have to do some configuration. I think there will be some test on RPI4 in the near future for that….
But even if you got it running on your Pi I think 1GB ram could be the show stopper here. 
There is EumetcastView too but I think you have to compile it for ARM  and I’m not sure you will get happy on a Pi  (if it's really possible to compile EMV on ARM and it’s graphic chip!?).  
Maybe Hugo can say something to that. 
But as you have already a Pi you should be familiar to do lots of command line stuff..! :-D



Am 17.01.2021 um 20:39 schrieb MZFB via <MZFB@...>:

I have my new hardware up and running and I'm getting a good downlink signal. So now I'm looking for software that I can use with my Raspberry PI 3 B+ for decoding and displaying. What I'm looking for is some basic up to date software without having to do to much twitting at first to get me started. I've gone to a couple sites and most of the stuff is 2 years & 3 years old and then there's a bunch of  stuff that you have add to even make it work from what I'm seeing so far. Just really hoping somebody can help me get started and then I think can manage it from that point.
Thanks in advance.

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