Re: TBS 6903X failure?

Ibercom x

Dear all,
Many thanks to all who responded to my help, Ernest, Lobsiger, Graham  advised  me about the TBS 6903-x failure running with Windows.
I spent a lot of work (and time) trying to solve the problem, I never suspected a failure in a brand new device. I`m not very happy with TBS and I will 
contact them in order to replace the card or buy a new Ayecka card.
Thanks and a very nice day

Sem vírus.

El vie, 15 ene 2021 a las 19:40, Graham Woolf (<woolfg@...>) escribió:
Hi JR and Ernst

Im sorry Im not !!

I Have given up on the 6909X for the time being for the following reasons

1) The first big issue is the neither BDADataEX or TB-IPData run on the Windows Insider build that I am currently running and other users have come across this as well

2) This means that for testing the card I have had to re-install Windows 10 October release which I have done at least 10 times

3) The TBS6909X driver crashes a clean install of Windows 10 after anything from 5 minutes to a couple of hours

4) Like JR I had unacceptable Tellicast lost packets and at no time could I manage to reduce these to an acceptable level

5) I even had a replacement card delivered today in case the original card was faulty but it made no difference

The only way I will continue testing is if a) there is an updated Windows driver for the card or b) there is a version of IP-Data or BDADATAex that will run on the latest Windows insider build

I just cant face re-installing Windows and then restoring from a backup any more

My latest thought is to buy a second PC and install Linux (any recommendations on which flavour would be much appreciated) and install the card on that machine
and then to get the card and the Tellicast client running on that

I know there is a big learning curve involved compiling and configuring drivers etc but there does seem to be better support for Linux than Windows and it will keep me occupied during lockdown



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