Setup help please

Hi all.

My apologies for the cross posting, however I just found this list where
most of the MSG activity seems to be rather than the RIG-L list where I
originally posted. I would really appreciate advice on the following:

I received the dish and SkyStar card earlier on this year, but have had
a number of problems getting a signal from Hotbird due to a large number
of trees due south of me. After a couple of days last week climbing all
over the house, moving the dish around the garden, I have finally found
one location where I can get a signal. The dish is now mounted with a
narrow view of Hotbird between the house and a large oak tree. Just hope
the neighbours do not complain as the top 2 feet is above the fence.

The dish is aligned to give the strongest signal on a satellite finder.

I installed the card and software following the instructions on David
Taylor's excellent web site. I ran Setup4PC on the status screen, the
Signal Quality indicator kept on alternating between 0% Out of Lock and
70% Locked. I then spent the next hour checking cabling etc. and out of
frustration opened TV4PC, immediately receiving the Sailing Channel.

I scanned all the transponders and now have some 90 TV and radio
stations which I can receive in excellent quality. When TV4PC is loaded
and running, Setup4PC shows a signal quality of 70%, SNR of 10.8 and a
zero BER, but as soon as I stop viewing a TV station, the signal
strength reduces to 0 and unlocked.

Is this correct?

On Setup4PC I also looked at Statistics and do not have any Active
PID's, unlike the screen shot on David Taylor's site. I do not have the
Tellique software installed yet, do I need this before seeing any Active
PID's in Statistics?

I am about to send the forms to Eumetsat, I have the MSG Image Data
Services Registration Form and the ATVOS Retransmission Service User
Registration Form.

The MSG form refers to HRIT and LRIT Direct Reception. What are the
correct service options for the MSG-1 retransmission?

Apologies for still asking basic setup questions.


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