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On 13/01/2021 13:27, john.haslam4 via wrote:
Hi Graham
Regarding point 2 EUMETCast document TD15 3.1 states<< using network drives as primary storage location is not recommended but is possible if carefully designed and a non-blocking I/O can be achieved under operating conditions>>
I will be watching this thread with interest because I have successfully loaded Linux Mint onto a retired Dell Precision T5500 that was running Windows 7 and "according to Dell" cannot be upgraded to Windows 10.
I am an absolute beginner to Linux but willing to learn although I realize that setting Tellicast up on Linux is not a beginners project!
To clarify, there's no problem using one PC for reception, running the TelliCast software, and a second PC for processing running e.g. my MSG Data Manager and other programs. Regular Windows network sharing works perfectly.

Should you wish to avoid the large Linux learning curve, use that Windows-7 PC to have TelliCast, saving the files on that PC, and network across to your processing PC. I'm using this for both BAS and HVS-1.

BTW: I do have one Win-7 PC which can't be updated to Windows-10 as it doesn't have the required machine instruction - it's from 2003. I can try installing Win-10 upgrade and some way through the upgrade it recognises and announces the problem.

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