Re: TBS6909X-V2 Update

Ernst Lobsiger

On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 04:40 AM, Graham Woolf wrote:

1) Does the tellicast client have to run on the Linux pc or can I continue to use the Windows client

2) If it runs on the Linux client can I use a network location in my client_cast_channels file for the target directory so have the tellicast client write file directly across the network to my windows pc

about everything is possible under GNU/Linux. You can also just make a DVB router and send the packets over a multicast lan like an SR1 does.
But giving up Windows that fast might not be the best option. If I see the problems Windows users have with my SatPy Starter Kit that just asks
for very basic skills I do not dare to imagine the questions people would ask me about GNU/Linux with everyone using another PC and distribution.

"That will do things to me that would make a horsehead in my bed look like Easter Sunday brunch."  (Slightly adapted from the Good Times Virus)

My advice is to contact TBS and CrazyCat and make the Windows driver (if MicroSoft allows?) work as well as the OS driver runs under GNU/Linux.
Finally it cannot be excluded that you have got a TBS-6909X card with a badly soldered 22uF capacitor, maybe you take a closer look at that as well.


P.S.  If the Windows 10 route with TBS and CrazyCat does not work (which is pretty hard to imagine) come back.
        I just gave Nigel a hand to setup BAS + HVS-1 + HVS-2 with a TBS-6903 on a 12 year old Pentium PC :-).

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