Re: TBS6909X-V2 Update

James Brown

Out of interest did you try the Crazycat software?

On 13 Jan 2021, at 12:40, Graham Woolf <woolfg@...> wrote:

Hi all

Here is an update on my attempt to get this card working on Windows 10 64 bit

In short -it wont . Even with a clean install of Windows 10 I eventually get a BSOD pointing at tbs6909.sys  the windows driver usually after a couple of hours

This is using the latest Windows 10 drivers on the tbsdtv web site

So my thought now is to buy a small PC and run Linux as this is a known working solution (Ernst)

I plan to connect these two pc's together with a network cable

I have a couple of question though

1) Does the tellicast client have to run on the Linux pc or can I continue to use the Windows client

2) If it runs on the Linux client can I use a network location in my client_cast_channels file for the target directory so have the tellicast client write file directly across the network to my windows pc

Any thoughts or further suggestions would be much appreciated



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