Ernst Lobsiger

On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 03:16 PM, Philip Robinson wrote:
I have been trying all evening to sort the problems out  i have checked previous related msgs, googled.manuals etc  but cannot seem to get any further forward ie i dont know where data is being downloaded and i seem to be getting a rate of about 46000kb/sec. With the Ayecka it was so easy to set received  folders up and direct data downloads to those folders. I just cant seem to see how you can do that with this. Obviously i am doing something wrong  ( probably easy ) .
Its so frustrating as all the hardware setting up is finished.
I feel like using TBS 6903 own software but i was informed that BDADataEX was more reliable.
a very frustrated 

if you want 3 Services you have to setup 3 clients. It's as easy as that. I guess you still have the two clients for BAS and HVS-1 listening at your SR1
and no piece of software is interested what BDA-DataEx screams out into the blue. If you had setup a client for HVS-2 you should know where the
files are at least supposed to go. And you should know that this client has to listen somewhere (at the TAP interface) for incomming packets ...


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