Philip Robinson

I thought i would have a try with the BDADataEx  with the TBS6903 and am i confused
Oh i wish there was an easy to flow manual.
I am setting up on tuner0
I have a green lock. Signal quality85% and Level99%  RF Level -46.dbM
In the MPE-Filter tab   I have a mac address 00:22:AB:F1:3E:E4.  Do I leave that as it is or click on HardwareMAC or MAC from IP.
I have Multicast-PID at the default setting 8192 and lots of kb showing in Total rate

Questions for help please
How do i add PID`s such as for  HVS-1  PID600 and PID601
Where do you then look for the data , where are the folders(i have permission from EumetSat for the downloads)
I presume you have one BDADataEx for HVS-1 and then open another  BDADataEx for HVS-2

I have attached a few screen copies from the configuration of BDADataEx

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