Re: PyTROLL/SatPy Starter Kit V3.

Ernst Lobsiger


thanks for the nice words. I hope indeed that the Club will grow to a size where Windows members can help each other. Don't forgent that we can be part
of an ongoing development of something huge. We will from time to time run into minor problems or bugs and must accept that these are often not the topmost
priorities of the main developers. As an example of such a SatPy bug the coast and grid lines west of London are sometimes missing in 'omerc_bb' areas.

Another problem may arise if your files are not the compressed way I use them due to my 2 PC setup. But Hartmut has already shown that with a minimum
Python such problems can be resolved quite quickly. The possibilities how the user can configure the outcome of *his* pictures are certainly unprecedented.

Have fun,

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