Re: PyTROLL/SatPy Starter Kit V3.

Ferdinand Valk



I have now completed all your scripts with my own settings, and did not run into any inconvenience. The multiscene addition works very smoothly and the same is true for the night light options for Noaa-20 and Suomi.

There is plenty of room for further tuning to one’s personal interest and automation is easy. In short: an excellent howto for many Eumetcast users who feel reluctant to take the jump. Thanks again for the fresh impulse into the satellite world for both hobbyist and advanced user.




Don’t hesitate and follow the HowTo that Ernst has made available. It is seriously easy to follow and implement, just as is the case with David’s suite of programs, and it brings direct result to your screen. Apart from widening the possibilities to work with the current data, a great advantage is that it opens up a road into the future. The people behind Pytroll/Satpy are continuously expanding the scope of work and improving on what already exists. It is for most people the only way to smoothly transition to MTG and Sentinel 5 onwards without having to spend big money.

So, take a first dip into this fresh water!


Good luck.


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