Re: PyTROLL/SatPy Starter Kit V3.0

Ferdinand Valk



Current users => I don’t understand why python would have to be deinstalled. It all works perfectly well on the existing platform. Satpy was the only upgrade (v0.25.1 iirc). I did rename the existing EMCdata and EMCtools directories to []-Old, so that I have temporarily access to adaptations I made, but no deinstall of any kind was needed.




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Sent: Saturday, 09 January, 2021 09:01
Subject: Re: [MSG-1] PyTROLL/SatPy Starter Kit V3.0


Hi, Old Farts!

Ernst, you forget to mention, current users of miniconda have to deinstall python miniconda first!

I started a clean install and everthing works fine.




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