PyTROLL/SatPy Starter Kit V3.0

Ernst Lobsiger

Dear Members

Here comes the Pytroll/Satpy EUMETCast Windows Starter Kit V3.0 (YES 3.0). It should be "Childs Play" to get it working.
I have double checked all the scripts on my Windows 10 Pro 64Bit PC that got the files readonly from a SAMBA share Z:.

My definition of "Childs Play" remains the same as for V1.0:

 0) You know that you have Windows 10 64Bit
 1) You are not completely new to EUMETCast
 2) You read and follow the HOWTO inside (RTFM)
 3) You know where you find your satellite files

All scripts have been developt under Debian 10 GNU/Linux. An almost identical Starter Kit for this OS will follow soon.

Have fun

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