Re: no MSG LRIT images in MDM

Douglas Deans

On 06/01/2021 16:17, Douglas Deans via wrote:
On 06/01/2021 15:54, Philip Robinson wrote:
I have been updating all my software from David Taylor and have the latest MDM. I am curious that in MDM that i have black screens in the MSG LRIT tab.
I have a working MSG HRIT ,  FY-2H, FY-2G, and Himawari
I have scoured many Q and A and documents but cant find an answer . I have PID 300 enabled in Ayecka.
I was just wondering if the function MSG LRIT can still  be used in MDM
Philip Meteosat LRIT services were withdrawn many years ago. If you are seeing a LRIT tab it seems you are not using the latest software. Latest software is although LRIT was withdrawn many updates before that.
Hope that helps.
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Reading David's mail I forgot that the LRIT tab can be hidden. Hence I could not see it. My apologies, but my reference to no LRIT service via Eumetcast for some time is correct.

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