Re: Iceberg A-68A moving away from South Georgia?


Hello Ferdinand,

Yes indeed, your images of the ocean floor around South Georgia some days ago threw new light on the icebergs possible/probable movement in the vicinity of land.

And yes, it's interesting and a privilege to have access to the 'eyes in the sky' in real time.

Best wishes,


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As indicated in an earlier message, the ocean floor profile and the in-locu current most likely drives it south around South Georgia  and then up northeast. However, the radar image of today shows many tears in the ice and as yet it is impossible to estimate how deep these go. So it may drift around or it may disintegrate or break up before it reaches east.
In any case, nice to see things unfolding in real time.
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Subject: [MSG-1] Iceberg A-68A moving away from South Georgia?
Todays Metop VIS image shows the iceberg moving away from South Georgia?
Where will it go next?
John T.

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