Re: Pytroll/SatPy for EUMETCast




I have produced a new debug file, I believe correctly.


I opened a miniconda3 prompt and typed the command echo% PPP_CONFIG_DIR%

print to screen C: / EMCtools / pppconfig = OK


I cut and pasted your Sentinel-3 HOWTO update "sgeorgia300" into the C: /EMCtools/pppconfig/area.yaml files above (as the first area).


(however these operations had been done from the beginning, not now)


As usual, I have two area.yaml files.


One in the path C: /EMCtools/pppconfig/area.yaml on which I pasted the instructions "sgeorgia300".


The other is a deeper path in 'C: \\\\ Users \\\\ Maurizio \\\\ miniconda3 \\\\ envs \\\\ pytroll \\\\ Lib \\\\ site-packages \ \\ \ satpy \\\\ etc \\\\ Areas.yaml \ ', \' C: \\\\ EMCtools \\\\ pppconfig \\\\ Areas.yaml \ '] ""


Opening this second file I can't find the "sgeorgia instructions". It's right?







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what I see in this DEBUG.txt file:

1) There is no "DEBUG:" output in this file. That probably means you have not done what we just told you. Have you uncommented in the script the two lines (removed #)? I doubt it!
2) Satpy does not find your personal .../EMCtools/pppconfig directory or you have never copied the "sgeorgia300" area definition on top of your "areas.yaml" file in said directory.
3) I repeat: If you open a miniconda3 prompt or even a pure cmd window and type the command   echo %PPP_CONFIG_DIR%    it must print on the screen C:/EMCtools/pppconfig
    If it does not, you have not permanently set this necessary environment variable (I have told you many posts ago). It is point number "6) Environment variables" of the HOWTO.
    If you do not set this variable you cannot use any of the special areas I added like isleofman, westminster, switzerland, cyprus, and maybe later your personally added bellaitalia.
4) If you have set the variable PPP_CONFIG_DIR and it shows up with above echo command then you have not copied area "sgeorgia300" as explained in the Sentinel-3 Update.


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