Re: pity

Ferdinand Valk

Yes Ernst, the TBS 6903 runs under Windows 10 on a separate PC and I have the code pointing to the network address. The 6903 hasn’t failed me yet, so there was no reason to switch-over to an update newer version. When more transponders will become a reality I’ll probably be upgrading.


It will be a good break of lockdown routine when the HowTo V2.0 will see the light! I’m looking forward to it.





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Sent: Tuesday, 15 December, 2020 10:24
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yes, very nice too. Maybe you want to change the receiver string in the code. Or do you run a TBS-6909X under Windows 10 already ... :-).
I have now a couple of new scripts including MultiScene stacking images of Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B for better daily coverage. I hope
to issue them all as a package in a Version 2.0 of the Pytroll/Satpy HOWTO towards the end of the year (@Graham, you will have to wait too...).



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