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Ferdinand Valk



No no no, maybe I do advance a bit but not as much as you assume. Let me explain.


First the 1SDV (full name S1B_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20201211T070838_20201211T070907_024651_02EE71_2FF6.SAFE) was downloaded from the Sentinel hub. It was first run with the unmodified sarmicro script and the debug indicated that it couldn’t manage the data files due to sar-c_safe. I tried to see where things were running off-track within sar-c_safe and came to the conclusion that it didn’t like the DV polarization. So, just to test I altered DV to DH and to be consistent the vh/vh in the xml names to hh.hv.

Then the file was properly decoded albeit with wrong colour assignment. But at least it decodes. Next step is to see if this can be properly included in sar-c_safe which most likely is as yet out of my league, but I’ll try anyway.

Just for fun I attach the 1SDV image (8000x8000) immediately after decoding and prior to any editing.


Combining I did NOT do via Multiscene but a quicky via Photoshop, which was simple as I had used the same projection for the three base images. So you did give me more credit than I deserve.


Really looking forward to tomorrow!





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Sent: Monday, 14 December, 2020 11:52
Subject: Re: [MSG-1] A68 continued



you advance in stunning speed. When I combined 2 GRDM files I could only do that with MultiScene.
Your image looks like MultiScene where you stack ("blend") a list [] of scenes. So here my questions:

Where did you get the 1SDV file from?
Can it also be read with  reader 'sar-c_safe'?

Best regards

There is now an S1B GRDM from yesterday December 13th. Didn't check GRDH, not enough memory.
Tomorrow 15th we should get an S1A GRDM/GRDH image that covers South Georgia and A68a again.

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