Re: Pytroll/SatPy for EUMETCast..Help

Ernst Lobsiger

On Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 11:57 PM, <maurizio.calvitti@...> wrote:

But now, if I want to process raw msg4 files what should I do? (Sorry my brain has been formatted by Windows over the years!).


Reading the basic guide I cannot start a process ...

Thank you very much


all I can and will repeat is: Read the HOWTO. I know with Microsoft and especially with the advent of the internet reading has become an ancient art. But it's all explained in the HOWTO and you have to RTFM.
Assuming "raw msg4 files" is what you get from EUMETCast you simply go to ..EMCtools\pyscripts. There is a script Open it with Windows notepad (editor) and tel it where to find your files.
Start your (pytroll) environment and off you go at the miniconda3 prompt with "python your_data_and_time" ...


P.S. If "raw msg4 files" means somthing else ask on the Pytroll/Satpy google list.

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