Re: Error message from BDADataEx


Thanks David. 
There are two insider updates, 20277 and 21277. The 20277 works with BDADataEx. 
I have got 20277 working for me now. 
Will report the issue as part of my feedback. 
PS have not tired TBS-IP. 

My POT-LX1. On O2.

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Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2020, 16:36
Subject: Re: [MSG-1] Error message from BDADataEx
On 11/12/2020 12:37, seggins2000 via wrote:
> Having installed Windows 10 update 21277. Trying to run  BDADataEX, I
> received this fatal error.
> "Can't run filter graph"
> I have since reverted to 20270 which allows the program to work.
> Any one have any ideas?
> Regards
> John

Thanks for that report, John.  I suggest you report the issue (there's
an app for that, isn't there?) and let's hope it doesn't make it into
the release version.

I don't have that installed on my Insider PC where I'm running 21277 but
I could move that PC near to my test TBS5925 perhaps next week to
confirm your result.

Perhaps CrazyCat could suggest where we might look for issues which
might relate to the problem.  Does the TBS-IP-Tool (or whatever) work?
Could you try CrazyScan to see whether that works?

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