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On 11/12/2020 18:46, Ernst Lobsiger via wrote:
Pytroll/Satpy is in Python and works on GNU/Linux 64bit and Windows 10 64bit. Start here: <>
Meanwhile we use much more sophisticated scripts. But I think it's still a good starting point.
I'd love to see an article in the GEO Quarterly as an introduction to this process. It could be split into several parts so as not to over-burden the author, the editor, or the reader. Les does an excellent job with both the pictures and the words.

Would there be any sense in making an installable package for Windows, or does the software (as a collection of packages) not really suit that? A simple "double-click setup.exe" is what many people would prefer. It's the results they want, not the "under the hood".

I'm quite willing to help with the English (not that's likely to be required) or other proof-reading.

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