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On 11/12/2020 10:50, Allan Sloan via wrote:
Thanks for information.
A couple of questions.
Is there a recommended DVB-S2 receiver to go for.
Is the LNB on a Sky dish suitable or is there a better alternative to use.
What is the link to get the EUMETSAT software and USB dongle.
Thanks for the help.
Regards Allan

There are two basic choices - networked or dedicated. Networked are more expensive, but can feed multiple PCs. Of the dedicated the TBS range offer USB output (TBS5925 for low cost as second-hand or TBS5927 new, and perhaps slightly better performance), or PCIe card (can take both the Basic and both High-Volume services). USB works with any PC but only for BAS and HVS-1. PCIe means a desktop PC and opening it.

Suggest LNB be high gain (allowing longer cable runs) and a PLL one. I don't know how Sky mangle their LNBs - if at all. Try it and see! "Universal LNB" is a typical description. Twin output or quad (allows a separate lead for monitoring or multiple receivers):


See the "Receiver Station" on the EUMETSAT site:

Includes "How to subscribe".

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