Re: Receiving and Processing Geostationary Images

Allan Sloan

Thanks for information.

A couple of questions.

Is there a recommended DVB-S2 receiver to go for.

Is the LNB on a Sky dish suitable or is there a better alternative to use.

What is the link to get the EUMETSAT software and USB dongle.

Thanks for the help.

Regards Allan

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On 10/12/2020 20:34, Allan Sloan via wrote:
I have just got back into receiving weather satellites, getting my RX2
and a old laptop up and running again, have now also set up a
Raspberry PI and USB dongle. This is producing very good results.

So now wanting to try Geostationary again.

Back in the day, I used a Yagi with a down convertor into my satellite
receiver at the time.

So looking to see what equipment and software is required now. and
what are the likely costs for this.

I have a sky dish ( which is lying in a corner of the garden, as I
now use Virgin ) and was wondering what else I would need. My location
is in Irvine Scotland.

So does anyone have a good write up, or a website, to guide me on my quest.

All help and assistance greatly received.


Allan Sloan

There would be good write-ups on previous GEO Quarterly journals, now all on the Web. My Web site may help. The 1.7 GHz service is no more.


"Satellite TV"
- 80 cm or bigger dish
- cable

- DVB-S2 receiver, cheapest 2nd hand TBS5925, USB out so works with a portable PC too.
- EUMETSAT software and USB dongle (free)

- Processing & display software
- free (much assembly required, Windows or Linux)
- my own MSG Toolset Plus suite (ready to go, Windows)

SatSignal Software - Quality software for you
Twitter: @gm8arv

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