Re: Dish elevation lever.


Hello Ernst,

Sorry for the delay in responding.
Thanks for the post.

Ah, the dreaded Triax dish mount.
Totally impossible to secure the dish to the post without some dish movement remaining owing to the crazy design.
OK for satellite TV perhaps but not for the alignment accuracy we require for EUMETCast. 

Triax told me they had not had any complaints about difficulty in aligning the dish accurately from users and were not going to change the design.
The 'semi circular' dish clamp - clamping onto a 'rounded bracket' back plate allows for azimuth movement and it is impossible to clamp elevation and azimuth separately whilst aligning the dish.

I seem to remember Arne had made a device but I'm not sure I've seen this one before.

Simple and looks very effective. 



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Hello John

I designed such a thing for the Triax TD100 that has a very poor elevation control.
Arne van Belle redesigned it for an easy homebrew construction. Maybe that helps.


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