Re: A68 gif animation December 01-08

Ernst Lobsiger

Hi Thorsten,

a very nice image. The ice even sometimes looks light blue! You can also see the smaller pieces floating ahead. A68 is turning CCW the last days also seen on my pictures. This animation tops about everything before. The only improvement I can think of is using a higher resolution for the coastline. These exist in the GSHHG Data Base. A68 gives us a nice contest and makes a lot of fun (might be less fun for the Penguins on South Georgia). We will probably see more results: Graham Woolf and Christian Peters might soon be ready with my Pytroll/Satpy Sentinel-3 scripts for the final showdown ;-).

Best regards

Am 09.12.2020 00:19, schrieb Thorsten Miglus:

Hi all,
Here ist the actual gif animation made from Sentinel 3 A + B of
iceberg A68 on its way to South Georgia:
A68 Animation ( )

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