Re: Missing segments

Ernst Lobsiger


I can't say that I was looking for something like that. It shows a catastrophic (Basic) TC client.
EUMETCast HVS-1 and HVS-2 clients have their separate logs that must be treated as well.
If you are running 24/7 (I guess not on LapTop?) you would setup 3 copies of TClogSummary
and edit the header to indicate the service in the output. Your version 0.91 is deprecated.

I have thrown my Windows 7 PC away and only found the attached version 0.95 on a CD.
You should at least use V. 0.95 with newer clients (I hope it works, rename it to *.cmd first).

I have only EUMETCast receivers under GNU/Linux here. In any case David Taylor is using
TClogSummary daily on a bunch of Windows EUMETCast receivers and can certainly help.


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