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On 07/12/2020 12:43, Ernst Lobsiger via wrote:
that's nice but also rather BIG. I do not know how many of those the list will take.
Does anybody (David?) know the size limits for attachments on MSG-1 ?
Can we post attachements up to this byte limit without bad conscience ?
Does anybody know of similar global SAR data on EUMETCast Europe ?
Pytroll/Satpy might be able to process it if an adequate reader is available.
I don't know of any limit on size, but I do have my personal account set to download NO attachments, so all the images stay on the server.

Isn't all Sentinel data available through Copernicus Open Access Hub (formerly SciHub) in any case? This should include Sentinel 1 (SAR) European coverage.

They have an App you can run on Android or iOS (although not the most recent iPad, sigh), and a download manager for MacOS and Windows:

Using the app on a small phone screen is awkward, to say the least!

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