Re: A68, SAR

Ferdinand Valk



I was already reluctant to post it at the 8MB as it was advertised on my PC. Great surprise to see it appearing at 12 MB on the Group.

For sure David will be able to either calm our conscience or rebuke us for clogging up the systems. :-)

By the way, the image size was already reduced by about 40% and diluted to 50% quality jpeg. The tiff itself clocked in at 220 MB.

Concerning similar global SAR data on EUMETCast, I haven’t found it yet.


Will wait for David’s verdict.





From: On Behalf Of Ernst Lobsiger via
Sent: Monday, 07 December, 2020 12:44
Subject: Re: [MSG-1] A68, SAR



that's nice but also rather BIG. I do not know how many of those the list will take.

Does anybody (David?) know the size limits for attachments on MSG-1 ?
Can we post attachements up to this byte limit without bad conscience ?

Does anybody know of similar global SAR data on EUMETCast Europe ?
Pytroll/Satpy might be able to process it if an adequate reader is available.


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