Re: Missing segments

Daniele Guardigli

Thank you for reply. I checked into the logs (BAS and HVS-1). On HVS-1 I found these messages:

MSG:2020-12-07 13:24:27.260:File transmission 1e39abca036e5c95 interrupted: 10 files missing/incomplete
MSG:2020-12-07 13:24:57.084:File transmission 1e39abca036e5c95 interrupted: 9 files missing/incomplete

Which can be the reason?

Il giorno lun 7 dic 2020 alle ore 12:38 Ernst Lobsiger via <> ha scritto:

SNR 13dB sounds rather good. You may have missed the segments for other reasons like high disk activity or EKU problems.
Check your client logs in the clients web interface first. Then take the log files in an editor and search for 'ERR' or 'missed' .


Daniele Guardigli

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