Re: Missing segments from 13:45 today

Douglas Deans <douglas@...>

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Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2003 5:08 PM
Subject: [MSG-1] Re: Missing segments from 13:45 today

Are you saying you were off until 13.45 ?
Yes, in UTC. The Tools, Missing segments report should show the
missing segments correctly, even if you don't take all the channels
(as I recall). If I run it for today (the default is yesterday) I
get the results below. I've remove some FSD which had "all
missing". I wonder if we are all getting the same segments missing?


Cycle: 1345
lrit-ch05, seg: 5
lrit-ch09, seg: 5
Cycle: 1400
msg-ch12, seg: 1
Cycle: 1415
msg-ch11, seg: 5
Cycle: 1430
msg-ch12, seg: 22
Cycle: 1445
msg-ch04, seg: 4
msg-ch11, seg: 2
lrit-ch09, seg: 1
Cycle: 1500
g10-ir, seg: 2 3
Cycle: 1515
msg-ch11, seg: 3
Cycle: 1545
msg-ch07, seg: 4

Yes I agree with those but am I misunderstanding about 'off' until 13.45.
Do you mean you were not taking data or are you saying there was no data
until 13.45 which is definitely not the case.


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