Re: Eumetcast - SatPy Problem: "No IMPF configuration field found in prologue"

Christian Peters


al fine here with this composite, see pic. Do you really provide all channels uncompressed and even the PRO and EPI file? Could you check whether „files" contains all needed files? Maybe you should post some more of the code?



Am 02.12.2020 um 19:11 schrieb Francis Greaves <francis@...>:

Hi folks, hope you are all well, greetings from South West Ireland!
I have been using Pytroll, then SatPy for some time in Linux. I moved to Python3 a few months ago, got is sort of sorted, but for a while I have problems with the natural_color_with_night_ir and night_ir_with_background Composits.
I use the first for creating an animation. It used to work, but not now.
I am even providing all the available wavelengths in case I have one missing, but I still get the same error.
When I run the script and get to the global_scene.load([self.composite]) I get this error hrit_msg - INFO - read_prologue - 287 - No IMPF configuration field found in prologue.
I have looked at the SatPy Issues, nothing there. There is apost here  but that was caused by misnaming the composit. The composit I want is definitely in the reader global_scene = Scene(filenames=files, reader='seviri_l1b_hrit')
Does anyone have any ideas why I get this?

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