Eumetcast - SatPy Problem: "No IMPF configuration field found in prologue"

Francis Greaves

Hi folks, hope you are all well, greetings from South West Ireland!
I have been using Pytroll, then SatPy for some time in Linux. I moved to Python3 a few months ago, got is sort of sorted, but for a while I have problems with the natural_color_with_night_ir and night_ir_with_background Composits.
I use the first for creating an animation. It used to work, but not now.
I am even providing all the available wavelengths in case I have one missing, but I still get the same error.
When I run the script and get to the global_scene.load([self.composite]) I get this error hrit_msg - INFO - read_prologue - 287 - No IMPF configuration field found in prologue.
I have looked at the SatPy Issues, nothing there. There is a post here  but that was caused by misnaming the composit. The composit I want is definitely in the reader global_scene = Scene(filenames=files, reader='seviri_l1b_hrit')
Does anyone have any ideas why I get this?

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