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On 29/11/2020 06:30, Giftmacher via wrote:
Thank you! Is there any good tutorial for any from these programs? I also get often missed parts error. Do I need to improve SNR?
There's a lot of good advice in the EUMETSAT guides for each receiver type. The best guide to performance is the Link Margin, which should be at least 4 dB for most reliable reception. For example Rungsted in the graphs here:

This implies an SNR of about 13.5 dB. The SNR for the Basic Service alone can be quite a bit less, perhaps about 10 dB. The 4 dB margin allows for some degradation due to rainfall, ice-crystals in the clouds, an so forth.

In the receiver PC itself, things to watch out for are:

- network I/O - may not apply to the TBS5927

- USB load - perhaps use a separate USB 3.0 connection?

- disk I/O - is anything hammering the disk?

- CPU load - is something else stealing CPU cycles?

- do you have "temp" and "received" on the same partition?

Many of use us a RAMdisk to alleviate slow disk I/O issues. Some of the systems here use a RAMdisk for the TelliCast "received" and "temp" directories, with a job running at (say) every minute to copy/move the received data from RAMdisk to HD, where it is picked up by the processing programs (my own software, in my case).

Ask here if you need more help - there's a lot of experience!

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