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On 21/11/2020 08:48, Tim Holdsworth via wrote:
My reception and display of Eumetcast output is and was  working properly.
But my Tellicast monitoring (localhost:8100) was not.
When my browser is asked to display localhost:8100 it displayed the website of a well known radio station.
After searching the net for a possible solution without success I asked Ops for help.
They replied very quickly, "search for a file called 'index.html' and delete it".
This fixed the problem.
But I do not understand why when my browser is asked to go to localhost:8100 it displays something else.
An explanation would be much appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation
Tim Holdsworth

If I were checking that I would look to see what "localhost" points to on your PC, likely in windows\system32\drivers\etc\ "hosts." You can edit that file with notepad as you may already know. It might contain: localhost

instead of: localhost

although on the system here the is commented out. "" would be the IP address of the unwanted station.

Something in that area, anyway!

Where was the file "index.html"?

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